JPM is the leading law firm in Serbia, providing full service in Serbia and SEE region. Since 1991, we have been serving national and international clients from various industries in establishing, building and maintaining their business presence in Serbia and SEE. Our expertise, commitment, experience and the highest standard practice has been proven and recognized on the market. Our track record comprises numerous successfully completed landmark transactions in a developing and transitional economy. We are committed to finding solutions and providing flexibility of choice to our clients.


Because we operate in a transitional economy and legal environment that is under overhaul, with the goal to be upgraded to EU legal standards, we are focused on developing solutions and implementation of practices that satisfy the business goals of our clients and the requirements of compliance and legal safety. Our commitment, expertise and experience in resolving complex business and legal issues enables us to develop applicable solutions to be even more successfully implemented for the benefit of our clients.

Areas of Practice

Since 1991, we have represented clients from every major industrial and corporate sector, including energy, banking, transportation, manufacturing and communications. Today we continue that tradition by serving clients in such twenty-first century industries as green energy, information technology and life sciences.


We organize our work by practice groups. This enables structuring of the optimum team of legal experts for each single or multi practice task/transaction. With more than 40 lawyers experienced in virtually all major industries and areas of law, we serve clients in Serbia and SEE.


Political, economic and ownership transition in Serbia requires our participation in the ongoing evolution of legal framework and practice as well as strengthening of our international relations with the leading offices from the countries of European Union and Central and Eastern Europe.


January 23, 2015
New Partner Announced
JPM Jankovic Popovic Mitic law firm is pleased to announce that senior lawyer Nikola Vukotic has been made a Partner in the firm as of January 14, 2015


January 23, 2015
TabTale Acquires Level Bit
TabTale, a global leader in the field of children’s game development, ranked as a top 10 mobile game publisher worldwide, acquired Level Bit, a Serbian computer and mobile game development studio.


December 8, 2014
Big Deal – the law schools students’ competition in the field of corporate law
The students of the Law School in Kragujevac are the winners of the Big Deal competition. The purpose of this project is transfer of practical knowledge from the field of the corporate law to the students of the Law Schools in Serbia, through simulation of M&A transactions.